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Best JQuery Blogs To Keep In Your RSS

For those who are not very much into web development, jQuery is a popular cross-browser JavaScript library designed specifically to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. jQuery was released in January 2006 by John Resig and is currently being utilized by over 31% of the 10 K most visited websites, thus jQuery has become the most popular JavaScript library nowadays.
One of the best things about jQuery is its OpenSource condition and the fact that is dual-licensed under the MIT License and the GNU General Public License V2, thanks to these two aspects, every developer can generate their own jQuery plugins and send them directly to the JavaScript library.Now that we have exposed blatantly our love towards jQuery, we like to offer you a grand compilation of blogs and websites where you can find a lot of information about jQuery, including new plugins, good practices and reviews, let’s see what you think about these places.
Our top selection
After finishing our research, we decided to select a small amount of websites that we consider as the main suppliers of top quality articles, resources and general jQuery material, you will find a link to their RSS, Facebook page and Twitter account when available, so you can easily keep track on these sites and be informed at all the time with the latest jQuery news.


The official jQuery page, you can say that if it’s not on jQuery, then it’s not an official product. The page features all the latest news, ultimate plugins, interviews, instructions and tons of information, making this site the number one bookmark for any jQuery lover.

RSS feed


W3 Schools is an online learning zone for amateur web developers that want to improve their skills on the main programming languages, which obviously includes JS and its library jQuery. You will find all kind of tutorials, references and even a quiz to test your abilities.

Addy Osmani

Some of the greatest jQuery tutorials are hosted on this blog, Addy Osmani has definitely encouraged the job of helping the entire web community with his articles.

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Twitter profile

jQuery Stock

jQueryStock is a blog that gathers some of the best jQuery plugins around that demonstrate the amazing things that can be achieved with this library. You can currently signup to submit your own plugins and comment on the others.


Delicious is a powerful bookmarking tool formerly owned by the Yahoo! company, on its jQuery section you can find all the latest news shared by the worldwide community, which makes this place one of the best information sources to learn jQuery.

RSS feed


Codrops is one of the most complete web development blogs where you can find great tutorials and articles about web design and programming, you can also submit your own content while enjoying the grand collection of resources.

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Facebook page

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jQuery style

100 % jQuery, this page features cool snippets and plugins, tutorials, reviews and just everything that goes around this awesome library.

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jQuery4u is a blog specifically dedicated to this great JavaScript Library. You can find all the latest news about jQuery as well as useful reviews on the latest plugins and advancements in coding ability. The site also provides reference material through articles and tutorials.

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The Ultimate jQuery List

We talked about this webpage on a previous post. The jQuery List is definitely one of the most complete libraries of jQuery plugins and examples and that’s the reason why we decided to place it in our top selection.

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jQuery Minute

Awesome jQuery site where you can find all the necessary assistance to develop your own websites and interfaces using this great JavaScript library.

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Learning jQuery

If you’re here is because you want to learn, and that’s perfectly clear by only reading the site’s name. You will experience a lot of great things whilst exploring all the different tutorials and resources provided on this page.

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More great blogs
So now that we have showed you the principal jQuery blogs, we want to show you all the other places that we found during our researches and that despite the fact that we did not include them within our top, many of these are also great sources where you can find news, articles, tutorials, plugins and just everything jQuery that might be interesting for every web designer and developer out there.

Smashing Magazine


Smashing Magazine is for certain the most recognized web magazine, featuring dozens of fresh design articles, awesome freebies, contests and tutorials. You can search at the coding section for many awesome jQuery articles.



A member of the Tuts network, Nettuts+ is the place if you need to search programming tips, articles and be informed about the latest news, you can follow the jQuery tag to find many great related posts.

Timothy McClimon


Timothy McClimon is a devoted Christian web developer with a strong passion for jQuery, on his website you will find some useful plugins and reviews for web developers and designers.



HotScripts is the place where all designers and developers join the discussion and talk about all things web design, including programming languages, new scripts and more. There are also different categories to find tutorials, articles and useful scripts ready for implementation.

CSS Tricks


Many great tips and little secrets can be found at CSS Tricks, that despite the fact that may seem a place focused exclusively on CSS, if you browse the tag jQuery, a lot of articles will emerge.

jQuery UI


jQuery UI provides the proper tools for low-level interaction and animation work, advanced effects and high-level, customizable widgets. Built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library, you can utilize jQuery UI to build highly interactive web applications.



Noupe is a popular web design blog where you can find from Photoshop tutorials to CSS scripts and of course a lot of information regarding jQuery.

bestjQuery11 is a powerful microblogging website where people can join for free and then begin to share contents and news about many different aspects. You can subscribe to the specific jQuery section and receive all the latest publications released by the community.



One of the biggest web libraries on these days, WebResourcesDepot releases new web scripts, articles, tutorials or scripts every day for the enjoy of all the community, and many of these resources are of course jQuery-related.
Twitter profile:



Soh Tanaka is a web designer living in LA with a huge passion for design and skateboarding. On his website you will find many good blogging tips as well as some great jQuery articles that you should put an eye on.



An exclusive place to dig into the latest web development tutorials and high-end resources. If you browse the jQuery category, there’s a lot to be found by you.



Find many great jQuery resources as well as HTML and CSS articles and tips to make you a better developer.

Geeks With Blogs


If the site has the G word on its title then it’s probably that you will find really nice jQuery articles to help you master your developing skills.

David Walsh Blog


Great blog where you can find many useful programming tools, jQuery resources and basically everything related with this issue.

Cats Who Code


One of the most popular programming blogs around, Cats Who Codes is a reliable source of information, you will up to date news, useful tutorials and many more.



Designzzz is a design blog that discuss about several themes, including photography, WordPress, tutorials and obviously jQuery.

Build Internet!


Build Internet is a blog focused around web design, development, and business articles, it was founded in 2008 and since then has been providing top quality articles and resources.

jQuery for Designers


Pure jQuery is what you’re going to find on this blog. Filtered by three different difficulty levels, you can start being a beginner and came out as pro.
Twitter profile:



Bassistance is a blog about programming (with focus on web applications and JavaScript), music and other stuff the author Jörn Zaefferer writes about. You can also find several jQuery plugins.



Ajaxian is the name for a group of people with different experiences and a love in common for programming and web development, you will find tons of resources (including jQuery) on this page.



Marco Kuiper’s blog is one of the most complete places to look for programming and development tips, as well as design tutorials, blogging tips and more.

Exforsys Inc


By visiting this section you will find all the jQuery articles and tutorials that have been published on this page and that can certainly give you a hand.

Ben Nadel


A lot of web development and information can be encountered on this page. Ben Nadel’s blog is definitely a great source of information and programming tips.

No Margin for Errors


This blog was created by Canadian Stéphane Caron and inside its pages you will discover many great design articles, programming reviews and programming tips.

Filament Group


The Filament Group is a small company that provides quality design services for developing UI and custom applications, on their blog you will find useful jQuery tips



AEXT is a design magazine that is constantly publishing good design contents written by professionals. You can find reviews, tutorials and many more great things.
Twitter profile:

Interface elements for jQuery


As the main description says, Interface is a collection of rich interface components that utilize the lightweight JavaScript library jQuery.



Big design community and snippets gallery which includes many great jQuery utilities.

Script & Style


Huge news directory focused on design and web development articles and tutorials, you can submit your own tips in here so everybody can read them.

jQuery how-to


Find tons of jQuery code snippets, tutorials, experiments and reviews to see what’s going on inside the jQuery globe.

The Web Squeeze


A place where you can increase your web skills thanks to their awesome articles and tips, you can also send your own material and get featured on the site.

Marc Grabanski


A total of 115 pages filled with jQuery tips, from the basics to more advanced implementations, this slideshow must be definitely reviewed by all designers and developers.
Twitter profile:

Remy Sharp’s b:log


Remy is a British web developer that on his blog is constantly delivering jQuery tips, reviews and plugins to facilitate everyone’s life.

Founded in 2008, Viral Patel is a blog focused in web design and programming languages where people can submit their own contents and tutorials.

Presidia Creative


Presidia Creative, part of the Creative Fan family, is a blog focused on different themes, specially graphic design, web development, and professional audio. You will find many great jQuery tips in here.

John Resig blog


Nice place to read about programming, JavaScript and of course, jQuery. John Resig is someone that definitely cares for delivering top quality resources and articles.

Web Developer Juice


Founded a year ago, WDJ has been releasing tons of articles, lists and news regarding different subjects, including design, CSS, HTML and jQuery.
Twitter profile:



Run by its proprietary Adrian Mato Gondelle, this site is permanently releasing interviews, tutorials and much more to help web designers.

W3 Avenue


W3 Avenue is a design blog where you can find useful material for both graphic designers and web developers. The jQuery articles abound and will certainly be helpful for you.
Twitter profile:

Eric Martin


Design blog that focuses his articles in photography, web development and general programming languages.

jQuery 日本語リファレンス


We were unable to understand the main part of this page but we’re sure that it’s an useful source of jQuery tips and tricks.



Doctype is a question and answer site for web designers and developers. You can ask questions about CSS, HTML and web design in general.

jQuery и другое


If we can’t read Japanese less we can understand Russian, fortunately the word jQuery is in our alphabet and that help us to define the contents of this page.

Matteo Bicocchi’s blog


Matteo is an Italian blogger with a passion for design and programming. Among his articles you will find many jQuery references and reviews.
Twitter profile:

Ariel Flesler


Tons of amazing jQuery snippets, plugins and news about this great JavaScript library.
Twitter profile:



Although the main topic of this blog is AJAX, they left an open zone for jQuery because as we all know, these two big names go really well along.

The book and the cover


Following the jQuery tag, you can encounter many great jQuery plugins, tutorials and more useful resources and implementations.

Rose India


It may not have the most spectacular interface design, but that gets highly compensated by the quality of the contents. In Rose India you will find an amazing jQuery section with tons of tutorials, tips and examples that can help anyone to become a jQuery ninja.

15 days of jQuery


Useful compilation of jQuery examples, tutorials and implementations for you to check eventually.

Gaya Design


You can find many different things on this page, but they’re all pointing at very geeky themes such as programming, web design, videogames and more.

Visual jQuery


An amazing way of learning lots of programming tips that can be achieved using jQuery, CSS, Ajax and more. A really nice interactive page.



Another web blog from England that publishes many jQuery tools as well as other programs and directories.
Twitter profile:

jQuery plugins


Find tons of jQuery plugins to implement on your designs, from simple applications to complete frameworks, this place is definitely one of the most complete for browsing jQuery.

For finding several jQuery plugins and mangers, this place definitely is one of the best around this matter.
Twitter profile:

Fifty Four Eleven


This blog has a large and complete jQuery section where you can find reviews, articles and plugins.



Jan Jarfalk is a Swedish citizen currently living in Australia. His blog is a learning zone where he publishes all the new plugins and resources that he discovers every day.

Brand Aaron


Practically this entire blog is focused on jQuery and showing all the latest news, plugins, resources and things that can be useful for every designer.

Andreas Berhard


A small website with a few helpful jQuery plugins ready for download and subsequent implementation.

May the force be with you, it’s time to master some jQuery techniques before we join the battle.



More jQuery plugins, more tricks and tips that maybe you haven’t thought about before seeing this webpage.

jQuery developpeur


French website where you can find useful documentation to help you understand some major jQuery functionalities.

Cool Javascripts


Although there’s been a while since they last post, we expect to see some new quality articles from this website in 2011.

The Future of the Web


This is a helpful blog that constantly provides little programming tricks and tips that will facilitate your life as a developer.

Geek Tantra


Another weblog to find programming tools, scripts and tips that can always give you a hand.



Useful documentation about different jQuery plugins and scripts made exclusively for web developers.

Content with Style


More jQuery and JavaScript plugins, tips and little tricks that you maybe you did not know about before.



The same information of the official jQuery API but with a better diagramming and organization.



Huge blog with tons of jQuery tips, plugins and tutorials along with some other programming stuff.
Twitter profile:

Dan Wellman is a blogger and web developer based in the UK, on his blog you will find many information regarding jQuery and jQuery UI, HTML, CSS and sometimes PHP.



Really clever title and lots of complementary documentation to assist every jQuery fan around.

The Mighty Blog


Find different developing articles, programming tutorials and many more tips.

The Sea of Ideas


Although there’s been almost a year since the latest jQuery article on this blog, we included because we keep our hope of seeing more posts coming this year from Paul.

Egor Khmelev


This site comes both in Russian and English, inside of its files you will many great jQuery tips and tools.
Twitter profile:



Great blog that features plenty of jQuery articles, reviews and tutorials. You an also request a tutorial on a theme that’s been bothering you.



Similar to Reddit’s interface, this website publishes the latest news that came out from the jQuery world.



Russian is not the best language to stay in touch with us, but we know that jQuery is definitely discussed on this place.



Nice Portuguese website to find many jQuery articles and different programming and web development articles.

jQuery Italia


And things are getting more regional, because now you can learn jQuery and share your Italian roots at the same time.

Markup Tutorials


Tons of HTML, CSS and general programming tutorials. You can search with the jQuery tag in order to find some pretty cool tuts that can also be fed by your own submissions.



These guys made this blog to have fun and talk about all the things that they link, including jQuery of course.
Twitter profile:



Only web development can be discussed on this blog where you can find many CSS, general programming and even jQuery articles, plugins and tutorials.

jQuery tips


jQuery is popular everywhere, even in the Middle East where this blog was created.

The True Tribe


This is another blog that stopped publishing articles more than 1 year ago, but we still expect to see them coming back.

Explore jQuery


This place is another blog that has not been releasing new material in a while, hopefully they come back in 2011.



A design and advertising company with a well written blog where you can find some useful jQuery data.

jQuery Magic


This site was a real promise for all the jQuery fans, but suddenly one day they stopped publishing articles, let’s see if they’re back this year.

Ralph Whitbeck


And the same problem keeps showing up, a really nice blog that one day simply banished, so this is another one that we expect to see returning in 2011.

Todo jQuery


We’re starting to see a pattern in here, because between 2009 and 2010 many good jQuery blogs stopped their activities, we really hope to see them back.

Tuts Deck


Quite a few jQuery tutorials and articles that can be useful for any web designer or developer out there looking to improve his skills.

Jamund’s Coding Blog


Finally another blog that is still updated until this date, you can find many great web design and programming tips in here.
Twitter profile:
And there you have it, a huge list featuring the most important jQuery blogs, we not only included American places but also a few foreign websites for those who are not familiar with the English language. Please leave us a message if you liked this post and/or if you know any other helpful site to find good jQuery contents, thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you next time.

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