Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Twidroyd is no more

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Twidroyd is no more: engineers join forces with UberSocial

Well, another third-party Twitter app bites the dust as popular Twitter app Twidroyd is no more. It appears that the group over at UberSocial have combined forces with the Twidroyd team for their own release of UberSocial in the Android Market. For years, UberSocial has been called one of the best Twitter clients for iPhone and BlackBerry users. On the other hand, Twidroyd has been one of the best Twitter clients on Android, but for whatever reason Twidroyd has decided to throw in its towel, and be rebranded as UberSocial with a few tweaks and enhancements.
If you are a loyal and long time Twidroyd user, don’t worry. UberSocial has a “Twidroyd theme” for those of you that liked the old look, and if that’s not enough, you can still grab the old version of Twidroyd Legacy from the Android Market, although it will no longer get any updates. For Twidroyd Pro users, UberSocial had these ensuring words to say on its blog:
If you are a former Twidroyd Pro User: please leave Twidroyd Pro on your phone so that when we make changes to UberSocial for Android in the next few weeks, your phone’s device # will automatically trigger the premium version of UberSocial for Android. Currently, there is no difference between regular and premium versions of UberSocial for Android.
As a long time Twidroyd user, I’d have to say that this will only make the platform stronger. Twidroyd has some pretty awesome engineers whose introduced many features way ahead of the official Twitter app. A year ago, I remember having the access to multiple accounts, trending topics, and auto-complete hashtags (to name a few) way before the official Twitter app offered it. Hopefully, as a customer I can expect the best is yet to come; with a UberSocial partnership.
[Twidroyd blog via Phandroid]
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