Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Geeklist- convo and developer relationships

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Over the past months we've been building out our conversation 'convo' tools. These are a behind the scenes engine that, for now, are limited to select clients. Built by our own Jon Keating (^5 Jon!) to be a screaming fast and efficient way for developers and hiring managers in companies to communicate, we are excited to share a little glimpse of why so many engineers and companies are calling it a complete game-changer. Yes, companies are using it to reach out in a non-invasive way to some developers who are available, so go in to your Geeklist profile and edit/set your profile accordingly!
How does it work? Our clients search and find a great developer they'd like to build a relationship with or perhaps hire, like Volkan, newly 'available':
Next up they select the Convo button;
and Vualla, you're holding a real-time convo;
Personally, I enjoy using it to reach out to and 'surprise' some friends that are in Geeklist to get their feedback and test, like our friend Sarah from Markerly.
Obviously we give you, the Developer, the control over whether or not you want to accept the conversation. If you're a developer in a company, often you are core to helping your company find and hire great developers whom you've built relationships with. This is really built for you... it's an extension of developers communicating with developers, building relationships and it's just the tip of the iceberg. So go ahead and email us at if you'd like to get in and test it out :) Happy Geeklist'ing!
Reuben Katz
Co-founder / CEO 
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