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Software Marketing, Sales & Business Planning for Software Companies

Welcome to Software Marketing Advisor! If you need help with marketing your software, planning your software business, and increasing software sales, then you've come to the right place.

What Do We Do?

We help software and SaaS companies with business planning and marketing, through coaching, consulting services, downloadable tools and templates, and lots of free information on this site.

Need Tools & Templates for Your Software Business Plan?

Click here for our software business planning tools, templates and articles. You'll find business planning templates and guidelines specifically designed for software and SaaS companies.

Need Tools & Templates to Market & Sell Your Software?

Find what you need to accelerate your software marketing and sales here. You can download a marketing plan template, software sales proposal templates, and other helpful information to radically increase the impact of your marketing and sales efforts.

Need Software Marketing Consulting Services?

Click here to learn more about our marketing consulting services specifically focused on software companies, and our affordable pay-as-you-go coaching option.

Need Key Skillsets & Partners to Build Your Business?

Drop us a line to learn about how our executive search services can help you recruit top technical and business talent to drive your company to the next level. We can also help with introduction to funding sources, or help identify partners to grow your ecosystem.

How Can You Profit From the Changing Software Ecosystem?

Our goal is for this site to be a go-to resource for software and technology services companies looking for help with planning and marketing in a services-oriented world.
Marketing strategy is more important for software companies now than it has ever been. The computer software industry is undergoing some major changes which are impacting software vendor business models, as well as marketing and sales tactics.
The fact is that current software industry trends such as SaaS (software-as-a-service), mobile and cloud computing are having a major impact not only on the business of software but on the entire computing industry.
Our goal is to help software firms make sense of these changes and plan their software business model, product strategy, software sales and marketing to maximize their potential.
In today's economy, every software company must go the extra mile to extract the most value possible from the marketplace today as well as in the future.
Ready to learn the optimal business model, marketing strategy and sales tools for your particular software product or service? Want to understand more about what these marketplace trends mean for YOUR business? Everything you need is right here.

Need help with your software marketing or business planning?
Email us at info@software-marketing-advisor.com
or call us at 201-374-0790.

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About Software Marketing Advisor.com: providing guidance to software/services firms in a service-oriented world.
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