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Adhearsion is a full-featured framework for the development of applications which interact with or control voice communications. It facilitates the creation of complex applications with ease, providing a simple API.


class MyController < Adhearsion::CallController
  def run
    resp = ask "How many woodchucks?", :limit => 1
    say "You said #{resp}. That's obviously wrong!"


Voice application developers, Ruby developers, web developers, voice service providers, telephony networks. Everyone can benefit from Adhearsion as part of their application stack.



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3 months ago


  • IVRs

    With a comprehensive menu system, and the availability of data from many sources within the application logic, Adhearsion works very well for creating highly dynamic interactive voice response systems.
  • CallCentreAutomation

    Dynamic call routing, integration with databases and CRM software, screen-pops, call monitoring & flexible media routing. Adhearsion fits into a Call Centre stack perfectly, and has much lower operational costs than expensive proprietary solutions.
  • DataGathering

    Adhearsion's integration with many types of database, and its ability to dynamically perform output and input operations lends itself to gathering information from a caller for storage and later analysis, such as a survey.
  • Voice2.0

    Modern voice applications do far more than those of the past and integrate with many other technologies. Adhearsion makes all of this possible with the wide range of tools available to a Ruby developer.

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