Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Chapter 24: How to Create Products that Sell Here's My Personal Discovery

Do you know a master key to online business success that accounts almost a 100% of all Internet business success?
If you don't have this master key, nothing else works. If you do have this, everything else works. It is having a great product or service.
And it's really important for successful Web site today. Perfect example is Site Build It! -- the only all-in-1 package of process, software, guidance, and help that enables anyone to create Web sites that build profitable businesses at unmatched rates of success.
Thousands of small online business persons including me are using their service and product worldwide. Most people who use their service and product say this is a great service and product. So, here's the master key.
I know you may be acutely aware that many years ago, people could sell a me-too product or service. In those days, average product or service was okay, but today it's not okay. It's not anymore. It's over. Today product must be excellent in some way or another. Today service must exceed customers' expectation. Otherwise, there's the other way. Yes, the other way is "ROAD TO FAILURE."
Thus, the master key to high conversion rate is determined by how great your product or service is.
How can you tell this is a great product or service, anyway? online-home-based-business-wink
Excellent question. I think it's not difficult to find out whether a product or service is great or poor. Here's the answer to the question. You must listen to your customers. What are they talking about your product or service behind you?
What you want to hear from your potential customers is this, "Gee! This is a great product." Hence, if you don't hear them saying that, you simply close your online business, stay at home and watch your favorite TV shows, instead. Don't waste your time and effort selling a poor quality product or service. Not only your sales volume is low, but also your credibility is down. Don't make a mistake by representing a low quality product, which leads to high refund rate.
Bottom line: You have to ask your customers the right questions and listen to them carefully.
Here's an example. You could ask your potential customer what you would have to do to make her or her say, "This is a great product." "Let me give a scale 1 -- 10. How would you say this is a great product?" You request the customer. Suppose that s/he gives you 6.
Then you may ask her or him what you would do to get 8 or 9 out of 10? When the customer tells you what you should do to improve the product in order to get 9 out of 10, listen to her or him attentively and carefully then write it down then do it.
Keep asking the same questions to several potential customers. You'll get pretty good ideas to improve quality of your product. So, the more people say good about your product, the higher your conversion rate would be. Your sales success basically depends on the proportions of customers who say good about your product behind you. And I believe it is the main reason that your customers will buy from you and recommend others to you.
Brian Tracy once said, "You can't sell an average product. I call this the jelly doughnut. The jelly is the great product, and the doughnut is all the pace around it. Many people out there are trying to sell a jelly doughnut without the jelly inside. And they are trying to sell cliché advertising, clever Internet promotions, and programs, and so on so forth. But at the end of the day, if the product is not a great product, it won't be successful."
Before I say goodbye, I want you to believe in me since I believe in YOU. I want you to believe that you DO have the capability to make your product great as long as you focus on feedback given by your customers and nothing else and laser focus on how you can improve your product for better. All you need to do is to keep intensely focus on making this product better to make customers happy.
Here's a natural behavior of satisfied customers. When you make them happy, they naturally want to tell their family, friends, colleagues, and/or perhaps anyone whom they meet about you and your product. On top of that, they want to buy it from you again and again. Remember that repeat business is the key to long-term profitable business.
Last but certainly not least, if you really want people go to your Web site, you have to make your place a GREAT place to go. That's it. online-home-based-business-thumb-up


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