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Impressionist UI – User Interface Pack

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Impressionist UI
The new Impressionist UI version has a series of changes that we considered to be important. We have added 4 totally new styles (Air, Aurora, Hybrid and Spice), besides the default style that it had until today – Eco. All the styles are sold separately, so that you can pick any design you would like to use and include it in your projects.
You can as well buy the Full Bundle Pack (containing all the styles), that is available to buy for a really nice price. This way you can save up and get all the 5 styles at once. By getting the Full Bundle Pack for $99 (Personal License) and $349 (Developer License), you will save up about $96 for the first one and $396 for the second.
Impressionist UI is now the world’s biggest user interface elements pack. We are good at this so we designed a huge pack that contains over 300 elements for web design for almost anything imaginable. The elements – edit boxes, tabs, buttons, notification windows, menus, fast solutions for menu tabs, windows, backgrounds, graphics, sliders, informational blocks and many others – are distributed on five pages. Created in Photoshop (PSD) using Shapes, they do not lose quality when scaled. They can be used for web design, mobile interfaces or illustrations. It all depends on your imagination.
You can group the elements, change their shape, change their sizes and suit them for any taste. This is a huge field for creativity where designers use the elements to help create their art – tableaux of unique features. This pack contains different styles that could be applied anywhere in your design. Building your own shapes and skinning them with different colors, styles and themes, you can create something new and beautiful.
Don’t spend your time reinventing the wheel. Use your valuable time for creativity and generating ideas. Build new prototypes with the help of the Impressionist UI pack. Everything is ready for you to create something special using the elements from this set.
Sergey Shmidt designed the Impressionist pack’s cool 200 (x3) icons (PSD+AI). You can change and adapt them according to taste and resize them to whatever. Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles on icons. They have been specially designed so you won’t need to think too much. Just choose. All the icons have been skillfully made to 16 pixels, respecting real proportions. Thus, they will always be spotted – in favicon size or as a poster at the airport. Impressionist UI contains a full package of icons that every designer should access.
Release Date: 13.03.2012
Last Update: 22.05.2012
Version: 2.0
== Changelog ==
= 2.0 =
Four new Styles.
= 1.1 =
Fix a few bugs.
New elements added. – Preview here.

Impressionist UI – Eco Style


Impressionist UI – Icons Pack

Impressionist UI - Icons Pack

Personal License – $39

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Developers License – $149

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Impressionist UI – Eco Style
Impressionist UI – Aurora Style
Impressionist UI - Air Style
Impressionist UI – Hybrid Style
Impressionist UI – Spice Style

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