Thursday, 12 July 2012

The six personas of creativity

Pick your cards. Reveal your persona. Discover your collection.
The Six Personas of Creativity
The Perfectionist
The Perfectionist
You're a master of grids and guides, with clean concepts, pixel-perfect designs, and a possible case of OCD. You set type with surgical precision, which seems fitting since your desk is more sterile than an operating room. For compulsive flawlessness, Fancy Photography offers polished images with sophisticated lighting and an unparalleled attention to detail.
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The Sleuth
The Sleuth
You dive deep into design mysteries with a mix of problem-solving and gut instinct. Both clever and resourceful, you continually amaze with keen observations and the ability to solve each puzzle with plenty of time to make it to print. Keep an eye out for Alloy Photography for conceptual images that engage and involve.
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The Idealist
The Idealist
You're a visualizer who believes great design can change the world. As an educator and mentor, you are an inspiration to many fledgling designers. Your personal mantra is "ideas before egos." Make the world a better place with Cultura Photography: authentic images that provoke genuine emotion and celebrate exceptional photography.
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The Rock
The Rock
You have mastered the no-nonsense pep talk and knock every project out of the park. Known for equal parts intelligence and endurance, you work long hours fueled only by your creativity. Like your designs, you are structured and strong. Find the natural, spontaneous photography you're drawn to with Blend Images.
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The Perfectionist
The Brain
You eat, sleep, and breathe design. Your online profile lists kerning as your favorite hobby. You keep up with all the latest trends and know who's doing what in the industry. For artful, unexpected images that complement your eclectic nature, study up on fStop Photography: conceptual, offbeat images with a quirky edge.
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The Hot Shot
The Hot Shot
You're a powder keg of creativity who dreams in Pantone® and designs bright, high-impact pieces. You rocket through revisions with speeds that break the sound barrier, delivering bold work with daring concepts. Hold on tight to Image Source Photography to find vibrant, flavorful images with a European flair.
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