Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Squidoo Rolls Out “Trophy” System

If you visited Squidoo a week ago on September 7th, 2010, you’ve caught wind of something that really adds a lot of ‘replay value’ to the site: a brand new points and trophy system that rewards you based on the things you accomplish!
Squidoo is the original affiliate marketer’s dream. This “social portal” service lets you create one-page websites for all of your product shilling needs, or lets you write articles, or do whatever the hell you please – relatively unrestricted and with good search engine standing…but now, it breathes new life into the system with the introduction of a whole new points system, where you earn points for creating new “Lenses” (the term for a new “page” that you can create), or for the actions that other people take on your lenses. Regardless if they leave comments, click around on your polls or do just about any other actionable event, you earn points…then, you level up, and unlock mini-quests (scavenger hunts) and other surprises.
Squidoo's new monster system
Cool. Hubpages just got that more boring :)
It’s not all about leveling up, though. It’s also about getting cool Squidoo badges(they call them “monster trophies,” but let’s be honest, this is so Foursquare-ish!).
If you’ve been on Squidoo in the past and your attention deficit got the best of you, don’t worry – the point and trophy system is retroactive. Log in, and you’ll get your multi-year badge, and badges for whatever threshold of lenses you’ve already created. Check out my Giant Squid badge…even though I earned it a few years ago, it’s still displaying the Sept. 7, 2010 launch date.
Squidoo maintains a list of the top 100 Monster Board, which updates a list of Lensmasters on an hourly basis. There’s no doubt that the “gaming” aspect has fostered a huge morale boost in the Squidoo community. The Squidoo forum is more alive than ever, too. What matters most, though, is that the twinks and gankers are going to have a very hard time cheating this system. Long gone are the days of swapping Squidoo 5-star ratings and attempting to nudge the algorithm.
Squidoo awards points and displays this pop up
This pop-up appears every time you get points for something
If you haven’t had the chance yet, by all means – get a free Squidoo account and check the site out. If you’re in affiliate marketing and you haven’t heard of Squidoo, I’m ashamed of you, but I’ll forgive you :) While the allure of the new point and trophy system will be a part of the overall picture to newbies, anyone who was with Squidoo since the old days will appreciate the new life that has been brought into the site. I can nearly guarantee it will compel you to keep logging in (I’ve already accepted this as a new part of my hourly routine, next to Facebook).
To learn more, read the original announcement about the New Squidoo, and a full description in the Squidoo Monster FAQ.

Source: http://www.pixelrage.net/social-networking/squidoo-rolls-out-trophy-system

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