Friday, 6 July 2012

Badgeville and gamification

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The Next Web — One of the buzzwords you heard the most in 2011 was “gamification“. It has no real definition, meaning it’s not in the dictionary as of yet, but the trend to turn everything into a game somehow has definitely caught on. ~ Adding badges, leaderboards, and simple turn-based gaming elements to any site is fast becoming to go-to approach for increasing engagement on anything from news sites to consumer shopping sites. ~ Badgeville, a company that provides a gamification platform for enterprise customers, has seen tremendous growth this year, 400% to be exact. With over one hundred new customers this year alone, including Dell, Samsung, and eBay, the company is showing the world that by adding a few social gaming elements to your online presence, you can increase engagement and increase profits. You’ve even seen Badgeville elements here on The Next Web. ~ Not sold yet? For its customers, Badgeville increased social sharing by 200%, user-generated content by 50%, and paid conversions by 10%. That’s one heck of a game. ~ Gamification in 2012 ~ I had a chance to interview Badgeville CEO Kris Duggan about this year and beyond for his company and gamification as a whole: ~ TNW: Many think that gamification was a fad for 2011, what have you seen that says otherwise? ~ Kris Duggan: If gamification was a “fad” in 2011, it’s grown up to become a real, sustainable business strategy for 2012. We think of gamification as one piece of measuring and influencing user behavior, in a larger picture of Behavior Lifecycle Management. Gamification alone is just getting started. In the past year, we’ve added over 100 customers including dozens of the world’s largest Fortune 1000 companies. ~ Gartner estimates 70 percent of Global 2000 businesses will be gamified by 2015. Our customers, from Dell to Samsung to The Active Network to The Next Web (TNW was one of Badgeville’s first customers), understand that gamification is not about tacking on a few points and badges to an online experience. The be... ...Less


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