Friday, 6 July 2012

Android Jelly bean icon pack

One of the baddest men in all of Android is back again with another batch of insanely-cool icons to revolutionize your phone or tablet homescreen. Many of you already know him and love his work, but for those who have yet to encounter Tha Phlash, prepare to have your mind blown by his amazing, top-notch artistry that he’s been serving up to the community in the form of icons for some time now. In fact, he’s the very person responsible for the OMG!Droid logo and we’ve loved our little mascot since day one.
phatshowstart Tha Phlash Drops a New Icon Pack to Commemorate the Sugary Goodness that is Tha Jelly BeanNow, we’re excited to help spread the word about Phlash’s newest icon pack, Tha Jelly Bean. This icon pack includes all the 1515 icons of “Tha Icon” collection and comes in 2 sizes, “72×72 pixels” and a “200 x 200 pixels” (unless stated otherwise). You can take a look at the *very long* list of models here. Updates to the pack are supplied free! Want to try before you buy? Easy, grab some samples of this pack right here.
If you’d like to try out Tha Jelly Bean, it will run you $6.99 for the entire pack. That’s an extraordinary value for your money and an amazing amount of customization you can apply to your phone. Tha Phlash is on a mission to make your phone more awesome, more amazing and more mind-blowing than everyone else on the block with this and the rest of his portfolio. Make sure to check out his entire site in the source link below.

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