Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Facebook Integration- event form

Accept Registrations and Payments From Facebook
RegFox uses the latest technology to help you harness the power of Facebook, the world’s largest social network with over 900 million active users. Our suite of Facebook tools give you maximum exposure while encouraging sharing and interaction among your fans! We have several ways to seamlessly integrate your registration forms with Facebook.

RegFox Facebook App for Registration

Our Facebook App allows you to accept registrations and payments directly from inside Facebook. Instantly increase the buzz surrounding your event and bump the number of “likes” on your Fan Page. The app installs a customizable tab on your Fan Page, easily allowing you to embed your registration forms directly into YOUR Facebook page.
You can Use the Webconnex Facebook app to offer “Insider Deals” too, allowing only those who have “liked” your Fan Page to view the form or just make it available to anyone. You can even embed a discount code so when someone “likes” your Fan Page, they’ll automatically receive a discount when registering through Facebook.
The Webconnex Facebook app is a great tool for driving traffic to your social media pages and giving your marketing efforts a shot in the arm.

See The App in Action     or    Install The App

Facebook "Like" Button

Create fully integrated Facebook sharing feature that gives you and your visitors powerful tools to "Like", comment and share your campaign throughout your Facebook social demographic. The new “Like” button has greater functionality and provides users with an entirely new dimension of customization. Every time someone likes the page, the link is broadcast throughout the person's friends network. Show the count of how many likes your page is received and even show thumbnail images of people who have liked the page.

Prompt to invite Friends on the Confirmation Screen.

Encouraging social sharing and liking of your campaign after people signup is a snap! See the confirmation tab? Easily turn on a simple but powerful feature, and your participants will receive a simple invitation to share your campaign on Facebook after successful completion of their transaction. The intuitive prompt displays the number of likes your campaign has, along with the profile photos of members already on-board!

Live Facebook Comments

Turn your campaign into a live, socially interactive forum! Allow people to make comments, position comments at the top or bottom of your page, start topic threads and more! Anytime someone registers a comment, a link to your campaign is broadcast to the commenter’s wall in view of their entire social network. Your campaign is potentially passed on to dozens, hundreds, even thousands of other users.

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