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Your annual conference is your biggest event of the year:the greatest chance to affect your bottom line. You can blow it—or you can blow it out of the water.

Who doesn’t want the latter? Well . . . from the conference marketing we’ve seen, a lot of organizations.

But what do we know, right? Go ahead, say it: We’re just designers. That’s right, we are. And thank goodness we are, because no one else is going to save you from the assault of un-inspiration masquerading as good marketing. No one else gets it. But we do, because we’re in this business to inspire. We’re in this business because we like to make people do a double take. We like to make people stop breathing for a minute.

Whether it’s your conference, your annual report, or your recruitment campaign, you need purpose-driven design that deeply impacts people. From our audits and our consulting packages to our branding, and design work for print and web, purpose-driven design is what we do.

Want more? Here are some of the ways you can experience it:

  1. Conference Marketing Audit
  2. Exclusive Marketing Planning Package
  3. Conference Marketing
  4. Annual Reports
  5. Recruitment Campaigns

Conference Marketing:

Every year, you have to figure out how to fill the seats at your conference. And the minute it’s over, you have to start figuring it out again for the following year. The end goal may be the same every year, but the method certainly can’t be. If you want results, you have to continually inspire your people. This just happens to be our specialty. Read More >

Conference Marketing Audit

The reason our conference marketing design work is a cut above everyone else’s is because in addition to 25 years of design experience, we’ve also spent hundreds of hours completing Conference Marketing Audits. Our clients sometimes call the Conference Marketing Audit a “gap analysis” because we figure out what’s causing the gap between what you want your conference to be and what it actually is—and then we help you figure out how to close the gap and get the conference attendance your association needs. Read More >

Exclusive Marketing Planning Package

The world of conferences is changing fast: just when we recovered from the recession wreaking havoc with the rate of attendance, the influx of fancy technology has given rise to a whole new set of challenges. This Exclusive Marketing Planning Package helps you adapt—not just for survival in the new world of information-on-demand, but also for true success. Read More >

Annual Reports and Publications

Associations are only as strong as their members, and to keep your members involved and engaged, you have to understand how to communicate with them. Your visual communication needs to build trust and support, so that your members feel informed, valued, and inspired. Any communications piece you send out (either via the web or conventional mail) needs to have quality content, with heartfelt storytelling and compelling visuals that move your people to the next step, whether the next step is turning the page, telling a friend, or sending a check. Read More >

Recruitment Campaigns

With so much competition for attention, it’s more important than ever for associations and nonprofits to have a strong brand, paired with a smart visual communication strategy that helps you achieve your goals for growth. Last year’s ideas were great for last year, but we want to help you create what’s next. We want to help you stay a step ahead. That’s why we strategize with you to craft recruitment campaigns that attract and grab the attention of potential members or donors today.
Read More >

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