Saturday, 11 August 2012

What Kind Of Internet Marketing Free Gift Will Entice People To Opt-in To Your List?

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One of the ways to build your opt-in list in internet marketing is to give away a free gift in exchange for the prospect’s email address.
If you have been trying to build list by giving away free gift but you are not getting the desired result, this article may help.
In this article, I’m going to share with you what kind of free gift will make people bite!
“Kenneth, what makes you qualified to write this article?”
Fair enough. I’ve not given away 100s of different types of free gift to test what kind of free gift will yield the best response. Who will have such experience anyway?
But recently, there is a mega giveaway event called Easter JV Giveaway 2. If you are on a few lists, you probably saw this offer.
In a giveaway event, several marketers, called the Contributors, come together to contribute a free product. They will then invite other people to download the free products. The trick is, in order to download a free product, you will have to opt-in to the Contributor’s list. Can you see how the Contributors build list using this approach?
I am one of the contributors in Easter JV Giveaway 2 and I have access to the signup statistics for different products. By analyzing the stats, you can tell what kind of free gift results in more signups.
Interested to see the stats?
These are the top 20 products (at the time I last checked) with the most signups:
PageGift DescriptionSignup
1Project Master1137
2E-Book Cover Maker Plus1076
1How To Make Your Own Professional MONEY-MAKING WordPress Blog974
2Top Position In Google In 3 Days!650
2Michael Cobb’s PLR Cash-In-A-Box V.9639
1Discover How To SNEAK ATTACK Google566
2List Building For Beginners551
2Squeeze Page Secrets & Profit System539
8How To Make One THOUSAND To Two THOUSAND DOLLARS in 24 Hours or Less!513
4The Graphical Opt-In Box Collection494
1Marketing Tips Package485
6Adsense Now Pays 7 Bucks Directly To Your PayPal472
3Naked eBooks! - Unrestricted PLR from Dan B. Cauthron466
4How I Rob Google Of 15,000+ Every Month…Without Gun-point!447
1Money Making VIDEO Tutorial Series From Secure Income System.com444
2320+ PLR Products Valued At Over $4,444.77444
2Unrestricted PLR from Dan B. Cauthron - Instant Ideas for High Profit Info Products429
3050 Master Resale Rights Products with Sales letter included…428
6CraigsList Advertising Revealed425
The first column shows you the position of the gift. Page 1 means the gift is found on page 1.
For your info, each page has 10 gifts. Interestingly, only 5 gifts in page 1 make it to the top 20 downloads. This says something……
Ok, let’s look at the top 2 gifts. Both of them receives more than 1000 signups. One is on page 1 and the other one is on page 2. There is no surprise that gifts on page 1 and 2 receive more signups. But these two gifts receive double the signups compared to other gifts on the same page!
So, what’s common in these two gifts?
The answer is they are both software. One helps you to manage and organize projects and the other one helps you to create ebook covers.
Do you get the hint? Software is a good product to give away to build your list!
The 3rd gift with the most signup also outperforms the rest with close to 1000 signups. The 4th position is 300 signups away! So it’s worthwhile to look at what this gift is all about.
The 3rd gift is a video tutorial teaching you how to set up your own wordpress blog. This means video is another good product to give away. But there is more……
There are many other video products in this giveaway. But this video product attracts more attention because it teaches people how to set up money making blogs. This implies that making money from blogs is a hot topic that many people are interested to know.
The last interesting thing I want to share with you is the 17th and 19th best-performing gifts (I’ve highlighted them in yellow). One is found on page 23 and the other one is found on page 30. If gifts on page 23 and 30 can make it to the top 20, there must be a reason.
Just look at the title of these 2 gifts and you should know the answer. That’s right. Both of them are PLR or MRR products. Not just that. They are PLR and MRR products with high perceived value. One gives away 20+ PLR products whereas the other one gives away 50 MRR products.
This is another lesson you can learn. If you are currently giving away one PLR product to build your list, why not give away 20? You can probably double or triple your current response!
Let’s do a quick summary of what we’ve learnt from this:
1) Software is always a good giveaway product due to its high perceived value.
2) Video is also another good giveaway product with high perceived value.
3) How to make money from blog is a hot topic with huge demand!
4) Don’t just give away 1 or 2 PLR or MRR products. To dramatically improve the response, give away 20 - 50 PLR and/or MRR products.
These are just some of my observation. If you manage to discover any other interesting trends, feel free to discuss it in the comments section below.

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