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Social Media Strategy for Your Business

If you want to achieve a certain success, it is necessary to implement a strategic approach. We must have a strategy for using social media for business purpose, because, without strategy, all your efforts will be useless.

What is a social media strategy?

Strategy is a plan of actions that must be undertaken for achieving the set ofgoals. For the implementation of a strategy, it is necessary to have more tactics. Each tactic is filled with activities that have dates of implementation, the responsiblepersons for the implementation and necessary budget for implementation. So, social media strategy will give you a clear path to achieve your business goals.
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Strategy
However, what are the goals for businesses on social media? These goals cannot be tangible as other business goals, but they simply can be in the form following statements:
  • To build a business presence on social media.
  • To increase the visibility of the brand.
  • To increase the list of potential buyers.
  • To provide customer support.
  • Educating current and potential customers…
This is only a fraction of the possible goals that a company can have for effective use of social media. The strategy should provide a list of activities to achieve those goals that you’ve set. You must be aware of availability of your resources, and especially time.

Building a social media strategy

The social media strategy should at least give you answer to the following questions:
  • What platforms you must use?
  • How you will use that platform?
  • What will be your next activities?
Let’s talk about each of these questions.

1. What types of platforms you must use?

The answer on this question depends on:
  • Goals that you have and should be achieved through social media.
  • Type of business, market and industry in which it operates.
  • Places where your potential customers are.
Once you have the list of the most important social platforms for your business, you will already know where you should narrow your attention.

2. How you will use that platforms?

The next question that will need to be answered in your social media strategy is how you will use the social platforms from the first question. Here, you must consider these four elements:
  • Communication – With whom, what and how your business will communicate?
  • Education – Who, what and how your business will educate?
  • Entertainment – Who, what and how you will entertain?
  • Collaboration – With whom, what and how you will collaborate?

3. What will be your next activities?

The previous two questions gave us answers about which social media you must use and how you will use it. To answer this question you must convert answers from previous two questions in a list of activities eligible for the period in which you want to achieve your business social media goals.
Before you start making your strategy, you must be aware that implementation of the strategy is the responsibility of the whole company.
Another important thing that you must apply in your social media strategy is that it will be the long path to success.
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