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Marketing Plan for 2011

Marketing Plan for 2011
Marketing Plan for 2011
Business that does not invest inmarketing cannot expect an appropriate level of sales. Because of that, each business has different marketing activities implemented to stimulate sales among existing customers and bring fresh blood into the business through new customers.
What you need to know is that there are thousands or millions of potential customers for your company. However, before they become customers first they need to hear about the products and / or services offered by your business. That is the job of your marketing activities.
I hope you have already prepared a business plan for 2011, which includes overall business objectives of your business, or at least you have answered 10 questions for 2011. The marketing plan should follow these business objectives for 2011.
In this post, I will try to help you to build a framework for the marketing plan for 2011 through answering the following questions:
  1. Where are my potential customers?
  2. Is there an enough significant problem that your business can solve?
  3. Is there enough big desire for a solution that you offer?
  4. Is there a customer willingness to pay for your solutions?
  5. Do you have the enough capacity to act there?
  6. Who are your enemies (competitors) who are fighting with you for the same market?
  7. What are they offering on the market?
  8. How they offer what they offer?
  9. Could you, or do you have the capacity for a better offer?
  10. What will be your marketing activities to support your business objectives?
  11. What you want to achieve with your marketing activities?
  12. Are your marketing objectives on an optimal level for which you have the capacity to achieve it?
  13. Are your marketing objectives measurable?
  14. How will you achieve that marketing objectives?
  15. What you need to take for those objectives become reality?
These are basic questions that you need to answer about your marketing plan for the 2011. Write your answers on a piece of paper, lists and activities in the table, the rest is just for formatting and better look of your marketing plan for 2011.
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