Thursday, 2 August 2012

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One thing I see commonly in the blogging world is that everybody is out here to offer their tips to great blogging. Practically every other blog you stumble by will teach you the way to better blogging, the secret to blogging success and ways to make money online. However, one thing extremely disappointing about these blogs is that the author really doesn’t know much about blogging themselves. They hardly have any experience of how its done and what is really means to blog for passion, for purpose and for profession.
Here’s why Brian’s blog, Hot Blog Tips, is one notch ahead of all those claiming to be the blogging superstars. He actually is a blogging superstar and here why:
  • Experience really does count : Well,no offence to any newbies out there, but experience does matter when offering advice. Here’s a man who has over twelve years of online experience! That is huge, many bloggers don’t cross their first year! And for the past ten years he has been earning a constant income through his online ventures. Now, if you want a blogging guru, then go for the right one.One who has actually been there, done it.
  • About me: One thing most fascinating about Brian’s blog is his absolutely fantastic About Me page. Not only is it honest, it is refreshing, speaks about his online experiences, his ventures, his failures and his success, his mistakes and how he overcame them and most importantly, the right amount of personal data. A good balance of professional and personal. This is one About Me page to learn from.
  • Simple and smart: once you land on the blog, you know where you’ve come and what you’ll find. It isn’t crowded with blogging advertisements or in-your-face theme banners (like most other blogging sites!). It is clear, with the right balance of colors and crisp fonts.
  • Out-of-the-Box: Another noteworthy element of the blog is the content Brian has to offer. Recently, he wrote a post titled “Do We Need Google”. You just have to read it to understand what we are talking about. Topics like these take Hot Blog Topics to the next level of discussing valuable content, thinking different, taking your own stand, having an opinion on issues and actually making some sense out of blogging as whole.
  • Actually Useful : There aren’t many blogging blogs out there which give tips that actually help and are practical. The tips and tricks are new, the blog talks about views and opinions, ways to better your outcome through blogging, seek out different ways of doing it and just getting better at it all the time. Brian has clear cut opinions, offers wonderful suggestions and doesn’t recommend anything until and unless he has tried it out himself.
So, if you are looking to give that extra boost to your blog find Brian’s Hot Blog Tips on Twitter, circle them on Google, see their Facebookupdates, or watch their videos on Youtube and do check out their site. One place where blogging is fun, informative and an enjoyable learning experience.
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