Sunday, 5 August 2012

sneak peek it- sketch sheets and grid systems

Mobile Sketch Sheets

For designing responsive layouts (vertical 320px / horizontal 480px) of yourwebsites or iPhone / Android applications. Sneakpeekit Mobile© provides a template with no grid iPhone mockups for quick sketching and another one with grids iPhone mockups for detailed sketching.
An idea is like a flash: it comes to mind like a meteor but can quickly vanish. Any good graphic designer catches it on paper before it goes away. As a matter of fact, professional designers often start planning a website concept sketching drafts on sheets of squared paper. For this purpose Sneakpeekit© provides the suitable wireframe tools for quick sketches and pixel-perfect grids for a detailed design. The most common and fresh grid systems for websites are available: choose the one you need, download and print it. It will help workflow and you’ll be able to create a professional project that is coherent from the beginning to the end of creative process.

Pixel-perfect Grids

Pixel-perfect Grids
Sneakpeekit© sketch sheets providepixel-perfect grids respecting the most common and modern grid systems(from 320px up to 1140px canvasses), includedresponsive grid systems like Less Framework 4,978 grid system1140 css gridThe Semantic grid systemBootstrap from Twitter, etc.

Ready to Print Templates

Ready to Print
Our PDF A4 sketch sheets are free todownload and ready to print. Just choose the mockup that fits with your needs, download and print it in a few seconds. We provide generic grids and mockups of browsers, pads (iPad) and mobile devices (iPhone).

PSD grid systems

PSD grid systems
Third step consists in converting thesketches in a graphic mockup. To that end we also provide PSD Photoshop templates based on the same grid system you have chosen. Optimize your workflow with Sneakpeekit©sketch sheets!

Sketchbook coming soon …

Would you like to own a sketchbook like the on a in the picture? Well, we have imagined sketchbooks for web designers anddevelopers but we can’t start producing them anymore. Why? Because we need feedbacks and opinions from you before. Please, support us through your blog and social networks or tell us what you think leaving a message.

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