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Software Marketing--Some Internet Resources


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The key to software marketing is distribution. Not only is it important to cover as many channels as possible, and in the right sequence, but to cover only the channels that are suitable for your product.
For a general picture of the software market and its dynamics, read Inside the Tornado: Marketing Strategies from Silicon Valley's Cutting Edge, by Geoffrey A. Moore (who also wrote Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Technology Products to Mainstream Customers). This book is published by HarperCollins; its author's consulting firm is at The Chasm Group , where you will find additional material on software marketing strategy.
For an actual "How-To" for the software market and its elements, read The Product Marketing Handbook for Software, 3rd Edition, by Merrill R. Chapman. This book is published by Aegis Resources, Inc. The book is a hands-on guide for everything from software product pricing and positioning to sales (direct, indirect, and electronic) and publicity.
The SoftwareCEO provides links to many sites useful to software company managers. has links to vendor resources and software marketing books and articles.
The Chanimal Web site offers a wealth of on-line information about software marketing.

Licensing, Licensing Management and Pricing Articles
The Intellectual Property Mall
Technology Law Bulletin
Intellectual Property
Software Licensing Flexibility


A good place to begin your conquest of the channels, but one demanding bold strokes in conception and great precision in execution. For a how-to on writing direct mailings, and for other sales issues, see The Selling Software Page

Publish Your Game in Shareware and Low-Cost Retail
Tips for Shareware Publishers Association of Shareware Professionals

Shows are places for the market and your product to learn about each other--it can happen even if you're not exhibiting. They are also good places to make multiple appointments to compress your business travel.
For upcoming shows and conferences, try Trade Show Central or CMP Tech Calendar

Channel Strategies

Stromian Technologies' Guide to OEM Software Licensing

HIgh-Tech PR Tips
Working With Analysts for Credibility in Context

The dynamics of the market require that you continually look for companies that are complementary or competitive to your own. The Web seethes with computer information, and the sites below are among the many to consult for products, companies, and services:
BizWeb Category - Computer:Software
Computer and Communications Companies
Guide to Computer Vendors Hardware, Software, and VARs
The Computer Web Source
Nerd World: COMPUTERS Category
Tile.Net Vendors
Yahoo -- Computers and the Internet
Don't forget current and back issues of periodicals that cover the software market.
These sites search multiple publications:
CMP Media Tech Search
Ziff-Davis Publications
This site will lead you to individual publications, many of which have searchable archives:
Directory of Computer Publications on theWeb
Stromian Technologies
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