Tuesday, 7 August 2012

63 CRM APIs: Salesforce, BatchBook and Campaign Monitor

Wendell Santos, April 18th, 2012
Salesforce.comOur API directory now includes 63 CRM APIs. The newest is the PingGiant API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Salesforce API. We list 44 Salesforce mashups. Below you’ll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of CRM APIs.
In terms of the technical details, REST and XML lead the way. There are 44 CRM REST APIs and 15 CRM SOAP APIs. Our directory lists 44 CRM XML APIs and 31 CRM JSON APIs.
The most common tags within CRM are 43 enterprise CRM APIs13 office CRM APIs and 10 sales CRM APIs
On the mashup side, we list 33 CRM mashups. We named WikiOrgCharts as mashup of the day in October.
For reference, here is a list of all 63 CRM APIs.
  AddressTwo API: Small business CRM service
  AffinityLive API: Project management, sales, and CRM platform
  AllClients API: Web Based CRM and Marketing System
  AppShore API: Small business CRM service
  Aria API: CRM and other business applications
  Bantam Live API: Social CRM tools
  BatchBook API: Customer relationship management
  BlueFolder API: service management software
  Campaign Monitor API: Email List and Campaign management service
  CoffeeBean API: Social media sales prospecting and relationship management service
  Cogent Mobile API: Mobile voice CRM service
  Contact Hero API: CRM services
  Convio API: Non profit online fundraising
  Cruvee Partner Link API: Wine database update system
  eBridge Connections API: Cloud-based accounting integration with EDI, ecommerce, CRM & SCM
  eLink API: CRM software
  EmailManager API: Email marketing and CRM synchronization system
  Entellium API: CRM services
  Five9 API: Call center management service
  FreeAgent API: Accounting application services
  Freespee API: Call tracking and pay-per-call service
  FreshDesk API: On demand customer support software
  FullContact API: Contact Information Service
  HyperOffice API: Online collaboration software
  Kronovia Compliance Cloud Service API: Social CRM compliance service
  Lead Reporter API: Lead Management Software
  Lead Zeppelin API: Sales lead management tool
  MemberClicks API: Membership management software
  NetSuite API: On-demand business application suite
  Nimble API: Online relationship management service
  Ofuz API: Customer management and invoicing service
  OnePageCRM API: Sales management and customer management platform
  Oracle CRM On Demand API: On demand CRM service
  Piins Contacts API: Web based contact management
  PingGiant API: Lead generation service and database
  PipeJump API: Sales and CRM service
  PipelineDeals API: Online CRM service
  PlanMill API: Cloud based business management system
  Podio API: Online workplace platform
  Projjex API: Project management and CRM system
  Rapportive API: Contact information add-on for email
  Real Estate Cloud MLS API: Real estate multiple listing service
  Really Simple Systems CRM API: Customer relationship management service
  RightNow Connect API: Customer experience and cloud application service
  Ringio CRM API: Phone call routing service
  RPM Software API: Process management software
  Salesforce.com API: CRM services
  Salesforce.com Apex API: CRM services
  Salesforce.com Chatter API: Salesforce social platform
  Salesforce.com Streaming API: CRM realtime streaming data
  serviceminder API: Service provider online solution service
  ServiceSidekick API: Online CRM service
  Simple Sales Tracking API: Sales tracking service
  Solve360 API: Online CRM service
  Tactile CRM API: Online CRM service
  thePort Support Community API: Online community interaction service
  Traffic Light Feedback API: Customer feedback service
  Tree.io API: Cloud based business management system
  Upsales API: CRM services
  WBP Systems Heap CRM API: CRM software
  Workbooks API: CRM for small businesses
  WORKetc Web Service API: Small business management software suite
  Zoho CRM API: Customer relationship management services

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