Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Write a Marketing Plan


A marketing plan should be constructed for any planned products. The marketing plan can be used as a guide, road map, or compass to assist developers in promoting and marketing their software.
Identify Benefits
Identify the application benefits to a potential user.

Identify Emphasis 
Identify how you wish to define your application. Will price distinguish your software? Will the feature set be the identifying feature? Pperhaps the customer service your company will provide will distinguish you from competitors.
Target Audience
Identify Your Primary Market
Determine the software application's primary audience. Determine how you will reach that audience.
Identify Niche Markets
Identify any vertical markets which your product might do well in. Strategize on how you will reach any niche markets. If you are targeting an existing market, identify the market segment you wish to penetrate.
Competitive Analysis
Identify and Evaluate Competition
Evaluate the marketing of the competition. How does your product or service measure up? How does the price compare? How do the features and benefits compare? Use this information to distinguish your product, and create a unique selling proposition.

Determine Marketshare 
How large is the market that you are selling into? What percentage of the market is dominated by competitors.
Develop a Marketing StrategyIn addition to planning a product launch you will need to create an advertising plan.
How will you advertise? Where will you advertise? How will you measure the results of any promotion, marketing, or advertising? What "spin" will you use and for what audience?
In addition to brainstorming, support each section with facts. This is critical if you are looking for investments.
If you hypothesize that many churches will use your software, explain why. Analyze statistical data related to churches. Determine how you will reach them and why that venue might be well suited to this specific target audience.
While a marketing plan should be used to guide your marketing efforts, it is not written in stone. Adapt the marketing plan based on the results. If you find that you are generating sales in an unrecognized niche and feel it deserves further exploration, adapt your plan accordingly.

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